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American Casting & Manufacturing Seals To Prevent Meter and Utility Theft

June 27, 2016

It is hard to believe but every year in the US, 6 billion dollars’ worth of electricity is stolen, and equally vast volumes of other utilities like gas, potable water and even broadband connectivity are misappropriated. This kind of theft takes a major toll on the economic health of the nation and the costs are passed on to users and taxpayers.

Traditional Measures to Safeguard Meters & Utilities:

Seals and locks have not managed to keep up with the technological advancement of the pliers and pickers that can lay open even the most specialized protective measures. In short, it is difficult to guarantee that enclosures housing meters and supply points of utilities can stay untampered.

There are alternative seals and locks that use biometrics like fingerprints and eyeball patterns to allow access. But it is not a financially feasible proposition to install such advanced units everywhere.

This is the reason why American Casting and Manufacturing has come up with unique cup seals and padlock seals that are simple to implement and cost effective but require considerable application of force to tamper with or break.


The Cup Seal Bolt and Fastener Head Protectors & Padlock Seals:

The Cup Seal Bolt and Fastener Head Protector is an ingenious solution. It prevents access to critical joints and screws that must to be loosened if meters and utility points are to be manipulated. The set comes with two bits – the back piece has a strategically positioned hole through which the screw should be inserted into the intended orifice and then tightened with the required torque. The front can be simply clicked in place and the self-locking mechanism kicks into action.  The only way to loosen or tamper with the protected screw is by distorting the cup seal unit thereby revealing obvious tampering.

The classic copolymer plastic padlock seal is no fuss and comes in a number of custom and popular colors. The sliding motion to engage the lock is exceptionally smooth and the unit combines all the advantages of a traditional padlock with that of a disposable seal. There is space for inputting details like the name of the padlock installer and any warnings that might deter parties with malicious intent. The only way to release the lock is to cut the seal and again this sends a clear message of tampering.

American Casting and Manufacturing seals are built to last. But they do not believe in complicating the life of the users with several tiny parts that must be tracked for safety. The products are self-contained and hardy, ideal for preventing electricity and utility thefts, many of which transpire only because the target is vulnerable and open to access.  Visit our website to view all the seals products we offer.


American Casting Has Tamper Evident Seals for All Your Security Needs

June 14, 2016

When it comes to transporting, it’s not unusual for many people to be involved with each load from the time it departs to the time it arrives at its destination. Whether the load needs to be checked, inventoried, emptied, serviced, or even cleaned, it can be hard to detect theft or damage once the load has left your premises. While theft has always been a concern, new issues also need to be addressed. These include liability issues and possible terrorist acts. If your load isn’t under your control from beginning to end, there needs to be a way in which you know nothing has been stolen, altered, or otherwise compromised.

One way to protect your cargo in more serious or sensitive applications is to layer the technology being used.  A seal combined with security tape, or even multiple seals can be a strong deterrent against theft. Other security options that should be considered along with tamper-evident seals are seal control forms and procedures and best practice guidelines.


One of the most inexpensive ways to protect your loads is with tamper evident seals. American Casting & Manufacturing offers tamper evident seals for a wide variety of cargo loads. Whether you want sequentially numbered tape, tamper evident labels, or even barcoded plastic seals, American Casting & Manufacturing has what you need to protect your cargo. For over 100 years we’ve been supplying tamper-evident and security seals as well as locks and tags.

When you use seals to ensure the safety and security of your loads, you can rest easier knowing your products are protected. Should something happen, you will know as soon as you see evidence of tampering, and can then quickly determine at which point the tampering may have occurred. When you’re serious about protecting your load, consider using seals from American Casting & Manufacturing. We understand your needs and have a wide range of products to protect your valuable cargo.

American Casting Understands the Need for Transport Seals

June 1, 2016

Security in shipping is an important topic and one that is ever changing. Although the amount of cargo thefts are on the decline overall, the average cost of cargo theft is increasing. In other words, thieves are getting more money per theft for less work. Currently, it’s estimated the average heist is valued at over $189,000, according to Fleet Management.



Cargo thieves historically targeted the more expensive loads, but as companies such as pharmaceuticals tighten their security and use more seals, thieves are having to target less expensive loads. These less expensive loads are often food, drinks, and other common items. These are just examples of large scale, organized theft and don’t include smaller theft, which is also a problem for many companies.

The good news is that there are ways to thwart thieves, whether organized or individuals. Just as the theft of pharmaceutical cargo loads dropped as the supply chain tightened its grip, other companies can avoid theft in the same way.

American Casting & Manufacturing offers seals for truck, rail, and transport cargo loads. In addition to pre-numbered heavy duty bolt lock seals, we offer items such as:

  • Adjustable length plastic seals to fit a variety of closure sizes
  • Heavy duty bolt lock seals
  • Fixed length cable locks
  • Adjustable length cable seals
  • Fixed length plastic seals
  • Flat metal strap seals
  • Padlock seals
  • Seal tools
  • Tamper tape and labels
  • Wire and wire seals

American Casting & Manufacturing understands that keeping cargo loads safe is an essential part of business and helps to keep your bottom line in the black.  Contact us for more information on the seals we can provide for you.

American Casting & Manufacturing Provides Seals for Food Safety

May 20, 2016

In addition to being a $1 trillion dollar industry Americans rely on, the U.S. also exports over $60 billion a year in agricultural products. Every state relies on the food and agricultural industries in some form for their economic well-being. According to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), agriculture and food sectors provide over 17 percent of the jobs in our country and 15 percent of the nation’s total economic activity.


Food safety is important for many reasons. With so many jobs, and the safety of so many people at stake, it’s important to understand the impact security has on these industries. Whether considering contaminants naturally entering packaging, air speeding up the natural decaying process, or even tampering or malicious intent, procedures must be followed to allow for maximum safety to protect the food supply.

American Casting & Manufacturing has numerous products to help keep the food supply safe.

We offer:

  • Adjustable length plastic seals to fit a variety of closure sizes,
  • Heavy duty bolt lock seals
  • Fixed length cable locks
  • Adjustable length cable seals
  • Fixed length plastic seals
  • Flat metal strap seals
  • Padlock seals
  • Seal tools
  • Tamper tape and labels
  • Wire and wire seals

Each of these products are ready to order and many have been pre-numbered, or they can be customized for a particular need or application.

The benefit of using these seals is that after an item is sealed, it’s easy to tell if a product, box, or cargo container has been tampered with. This allows distributors to pull the items in question and take them out of stock to ensure the safety of consumers. Keeping food safe is an important part of keeping our economy going, keeping the public safe, and ensuring revenue doesn’t decline due to unnecessary or malicious tampering. American Casting & Manufacturing is committed to providing the highest quality seals for the agriculture and food industries in an effort to help keep the food supply safe.

The Role of Seals in the Medical Environment

March 10, 2016

Tampering is a risk any industry with sensitive data and cutting edge technology has to contend with. But nowhere is the prospect of duplication or substitution more chilling than in the medical environment. It is easy to maintain sterility of procedures and experiments with the right solutions, but the results of the same also need to be safeguarded against alteration.

Instances Where Seals Are Mandatory:

Before diving into the different types of seals that are used in doctor’s offices, pharmaceuticals, pathologists and hospitals, let us take a look at the ways in which tampering can have an adverse impact on the medical industry:

  • Drugs that are considered addicting or fatal in large doses need to be kept under strict supervision. Most pharmacies and doctors conduct a weekly volume count of these medicines and reconcile the left over stock with the dosages dispensed. In order to discourage unapproved circulation of these drugs, seals are extremely important.
  • Sensitive medical reports are also stored in sealed cabinets so that private physiological data pertaining to diseases and health indicators are not viewed by unintended parties.
  • Samples pertaining to critical tests like the carcinogen marker and HIV also need to be individually sealed so that there are minimal chances of conveying incorrect information to apprehensive patients.


American Casting & Manufacturing has supported the Medical Industry with Custom Safety Seals: 

American Casting & Manufacturing is a market leader in the domain of tamper evident high security seals. We have a number of special seal types for the medical industry and all the units are fully customized, right from color and bar code to adjustment length.

  • Pull Up & Pull Tight Seals: These are also known as adjustable length seals. Mostly made of plastic they are versatile and encircle everything from large vials of drugs to sample bags to ensure that contents are not disturbed.
  • Fixed Length Plastic Seals: These are considered to be the most secure of all seals as any sign of tampering can be very easily detected.
  • Padlock Seals: These also come with a number of customization options and are easy to apply. Padlock seals do not require additional tools to use and have a very snug fit for maximum protection.

Maintaining integrity of data and samples in a medical environment is of paramount importance. American Casting & Manufacturing seals give you the confidence to store equipment and specimens without danger of tampering. Please contact us at 800-342-0333 to know more.

Manufacturing Day

October 2, 2015

With the resurgence of American manufacturing, the existence of the skills gap has become more clear. This gap has the potential to hamper the American economy, and some project the gap to continue to widen in the coming years.

What is the Skills Gap?

The skills gap is an idea that has been widely debated, but what it boils down to is that there is a lack of the right persons, with the right skills, in the right locations, when it comes to filling manufacturing jobs. This doesn’t mean there is a lack of talent, or a lack of work ethics – it’s just a matter of finding these candidates in regions where manufacturing is prevalent, who can learn the ever-changing equipment. Studies have found that nearly six out of ten open skilled production positions across the nation are unfilled due to talent shortage.

Addressing the Gap

Steps are being taken to address the growing skills gap – if they aren’t taken, the American manufacturing segment could face work slowing down or going elsewhere due to jobs going unfilled. This includes identifying internal employees who have been shown to be able to learn and advance.

Manufacturing Day and the Skills Gap

One of the best ways to counter the developing skills gap is to put the benefits of a manufacturing career on display, and that’s why manufacturers, trade organizations, and business communities across the nation join together every October for Manufacturing Day.

  • One of the main reasons for the skills gap is a lack in key skills. Manufacturing Day events help to promote the needed skills, including technology and computer literacy, math skills, and problem-solving
  • Another reason for the skills gap is a short recruitment reach for the employer. This group effort allows them to expand into schools and community colleges that might not be interested in the company on their own. These schools and colleges have been identified by executives as being the second most successful talent base they recruit from.
  • Manufacturing Day also helps to spread information regarding manufacturing careers, information that might not otherwise make it to the right people. This includes the high median pay found in the manufacturing sector, the variety of available careers, and the long-term growth potential of workers getting in on the ground floor of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Day has been one of the keys to the growing interest in manufacturing careers in the younger generation, and the hope is that it will continue to help the talent pool grow for the future. This is certain to help to reduce the skills gap, and will help to make sure that manufacturing continues to expand. Join us at American Casting and Manufacturing, or any of your other nearby manufacturers who are part of the events of the day, and show your interest and support!


September 14, 2015

ISO is not a random acronym that decorates the certificates of manufacturers and businesses. In order to understand why it is held in such high esteem, one needs to look beyond the jargon and the mandates and look at the heart of the matter.

Today more than ever there are myriad global and societal challenges facing enterprises and governments. As communication barriers break down, innovation is given new wings to fly high. Collaboration is blurring previously sharp boundaries and it is quite impossible to understand how changes in one aspect of the global economy and scientific landscape can have far-reaching consequences. With more than 18000 well defined standards for technology and business created by consumers, leaders and governments in 163 countries, ISO provides reliable and calibrated tools and support for sustainable growth and continuous improvement so that progress is not restricted by a need to map ramifications.


ISO certifications offer a host of benefits to both businesses and governments.

  • International quality and compliance standards are framed by experts with decades of experience in their chosen fields. When they prescribe certain benchmarks and best practices for business and manufacturing processes, the advice leads to elimination of waste and enhanced energy efficiency. This in turn stands for cost savings.
  • ISO standards speak a uniform language of excellence strengthening international trade ties. ISO compliance automatically signals strict adherence to quality.
  • ISO standards offer peace of mind to buyers and inspire trust in customers. It is a stamp of approval from a body that has the preferences, wisdom and inputs of individuals who create concepts, execute them and are affected by them thereby taking into account perspectives of the whole spectrum of market influencers.
  • ISO standards allow governments to draw on the knowledge of experts without calling in their services directly. Following ISO guidelines is the guarantee than an endeavor can bypass the most common mistakes and work to the advantage of the society and environment.



Taking the commitment to scale highs of success seriously, American Casting and Manufacturing Corporation has been found to conform to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for the product range of military and commercial tamper evident seals.

Given the sensitive nature of the product and its impact on matters of security and integrity American Casting is proud to live up to rigorous ISO guidelines to ensure the best possible experience for its customers and their sensitive consignments and cargos.

If you would like a free sample or a custom quote, please connect with us here.

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