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September 14, 2015

ISO is not a random acronym that decorates the certificates of manufacturers and businesses. In order to understand why it is held in such high esteem, one needs to look beyond the jargon and the mandates and look at the heart of the matter.

Today more than ever there are myriad global and societal challenges facing enterprises and governments. As communication barriers break down, innovation is given new wings to fly high. Collaboration is blurring previously sharp boundaries and it is quite impossible to understand how changes in one aspect of the global economy and scientific landscape can have far-reaching consequences. With more than 18000 well defined standards for technology and business created by consumers, leaders and governments in 163 countries, ISO provides reliable and calibrated tools and support for sustainable growth and continuous improvement so that progress is not restricted by a need to map ramifications.


ISO certifications offer a host of benefits to both businesses and governments.

  • International quality and compliance standards are framed by experts with decades of experience in their chosen fields. When they prescribe certain benchmarks and best practices for business and manufacturing processes, the advice leads to elimination of waste and enhanced energy efficiency. This in turn stands for cost savings.
  • ISO standards speak a uniform language of excellence strengthening international trade ties. ISO compliance automatically signals strict adherence to quality.
  • ISO standards offer peace of mind to buyers and inspire trust in customers. It is a stamp of approval from a body that has the preferences, wisdom and inputs of individuals who create concepts, execute them and are affected by them thereby taking into account perspectives of the whole spectrum of market influencers.
  • ISO standards allow governments to draw on the knowledge of experts without calling in their services directly. Following ISO guidelines is the guarantee than an endeavor can bypass the most common mistakes and work to the advantage of the society and environment.



Taking the commitment to scale highs of success seriously, American Casting and Manufacturing Corporation has been found to conform to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for the product range of military and commercial tamper evident seals.

Given the sensitive nature of the product and its impact on matters of security and integrity American Casting is proud to live up to rigorous ISO guidelines to ensure the best possible experience for its customers and their sensitive consignments and cargos.

If you would like a free sample or a custom quote, please connect with us here.

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