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Here’s How to Pick the Right Cargo Seals

April 20, 2015

When you’re shipping your goods, particularly through third parties, you want to make sure your shipment is protected from prying eyes. Whether it is thieves looking to steal and resell your goods, competitors looking to steal your technology, or terroristic threats against your goods, mechanical and electronic security seals can help protect your freight. So what do you need to consider when selecting the right seal for your goods?

Understand Your Goods

You need to think about the value of your goods, and the parties that may be most likely to want to get to them. Some parties will have a greater desire to get to certain goods, and will need a more secure seal. Computer equipment, drugs, and electronics are attractive to thieves, while explosives and corrosives will be targeted by terrorists. These types of products will need higher-strength seals than other, less useful or sellable products.

Understand the Way You Ship

Depending on the carrier you use and the methods they use for transportation, you may need to consider different types of security seals. Check into their reliability and if there are certain areas of transit that are more dangerous than others in terms of cargo being tampered with.

You’ll also need to think about where you are shipping. International shipping, and different customs regulations, will require certain types of seals. Most often, customs will require a set of minimum physical standards for the type of seal allowable. Going above that will be fine.

Understand the Seals Themselves

Making sure you fully understand the types of seals and how they function is obviously a key to choosing the right seal. You’ll need to make sure the seals are easy for consignees to deal with, and easy for non-skilled inspectors to understand. Look beyond the base price of the seal and make sure you chose one that will provide the optimal security for your situation – cheapest is not always best. Talk to vendors and have them explain seals, including ways they can be breached, and also discuss your standards with your insurance carrier.

Having the right cargo seals for your shipments can keep them out of the wrong hands, and help you keep your product loss to a minimum. American Casting produces a wide variety of seals, ranging from bolt lock seals, to metal strap seals, and many more. We are your top supplier to make sure your goods make it to their final destination securely.

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