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Safety Seals in Aerospace: How Often Have You Noticed Them?

June 26, 2014

There are many “hidden” applications for seals across numerous markets. The aerospace market is one that you may be surprised to find that security seals are used in multiple places for a large variety of reasons.

Think about the belly of the plane the luggage that it transports. Wherever there is a bag, bin or crate that luggage or cargo goes into, there will also be a seal. After the transported goods are inspected, they are also sealed before they are loaded onto the plane. Those seals are then checked as they are unloaded to be sure that nothing has been either tampered with or affected by general seals in aerospace image

The same can be said for courier and mail bags, and even for the airlines catering department. It is imperative that the food that is served on planes is protected. We have all seen those rolling grey carts that the flight attendants seem so preoccupied with at the beginning of the flight. Well, those carts containing meals for passengers also have pull up seals on them as a protective measure.

Possibly even more important than food that hasn’t been tampered with, is the medical and safety equipment on board. Both the lifejackets that are loaded under the seats and the medical kits that they have on board are both inspected and then tightly sealed, normally by pull up seals.  That way, you can tell by a quick glance if they have been used already.

Most of these seals are easily spotted due to the colors that are chosen, but they are also lightweight (which is very important when it comes to flying) and there is also the option to barcode them.

The next time you take a flight, keep an eye out. I wonder how many seals you can count from the time you enter the airport to the time you de-board!

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