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Teaching America’s Youth the Importance of STEM Education

May 5, 2014

There are many important factors to a career in manufacturing.  Safety, coordination, patience but most importantly is proper education. STEM education to be exact.

Looking forward to the future of our industry and American economy in general, the importance of making sure that our students are introduced to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)at a young age can not be denied. As mentioned in a Huffington Post article on the subject, more and more jobs are requiring a healthy background in these fields and the students who concentrate on these subjects will find themselves an important factor of the U.S. economy.american flag

It will become especially important to involve the nations’ girls in STEM programing early on. Not surprisingly (though unfortunately), women do not take up a large percentage of STEM related jobs. Even though women hold just about 50% of U.S. jobs, they occupy less than 25% of STEM jobs.

Our economy and our industry can not afford to take this subject lightly. Fixing this issue can easily begin at home, and from there it is up to our teachers and our community to shed light on the importance of our industry, as well as the privilege it is to be a part of it. Let’s get involved. And if you are already involved, let’s stay involved!

We would love to hear any stories or comments about programs in our area for children and teenagers, or even just personal experiences you may have that speaks to STEM education.

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