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The Promise of 3 Secure Meals a Day

June 7, 2013

Cybersecurity, anti-counterfeit security, supply chain security…all highly important—and lately, highly newsworthy—topics. But perhaps even more important, less oft-considered, but universally relevant is food security.  After all, it’s truly the one thing everyone on earth can’t live without: safe food.  Americans needn’t think about the safety of their food on a daily basis, but those in charge of it have to.

In this age of technology, there seems to be a software program for almost everything—which can be seen as a good thing.  Recently, the FDA announced the offering of a tool called The Food Defense Plan Builder, a user-friendly software program designed to aid transport companies, food processors, and food and beverage retailers in preventing intentional food contamination.

Customizable plans can be created by the program to keep food industry members’ products safe from poisoning, vandalism, and other serious threats to food security.  It offers users the chance to assess their threats and create a plan of action. While thankfully not too common, intentional food contamination can lead to severe health consequences and even fatalities; as any food industry professional knows, one illness from their food is one too many.

While the tool is still new and as yet fairly uncommon, it could soon become a big part of the industry.  However, sometimes there’s truly nothing as useful and effective as a tangible, tried-and-tested means of security—after all, would you hook up your home’s security to a software program, then leave all of your doors unlocked? For the food, beverage, and agriculture industry, good security seals are still the best, most reliable means of keeping their food safe from point A to Z, and they’re a solid assurance that nothing is contaminating your precious cargo.

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