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AC&M: Keeping Hospitals Secure

March 11, 2013

In a previous blog post, we discussed how our seals can be used for so many varied, and often surprising, applications.  Did we mention we have 15,000 customers in our customer base, and of those, many order the same seals from us year after year?  The reason we have so many repeat customers—beyond the fact that our quality and value are unmatched—is that they are used for so many different applications.

One of the more popular industries to make use of our seals is the medical/hospital industry.  Hospitals store a large variety of items that need to be kept clean, safe, and tamper-free.  Our seals are used to secure drug cabinets and keep the drugs inside safe and out of the wrong hands.  In fact, tamper-evident seals can show if someone has been opening the cabinet.  Surgical tools are another important item within hospitals that need to be locked up and kept sterile; our seals keep them in place and clean.  There are so many more articles and tools within hospital/medical office walls that are kept secure because of our seals, and we offer several types to choose from.

While many people—from the patients who rely on a clean hospital, to the consumers purchasing goods who depend upon the fact that they were shipped in a disease-free environment—may not think about the importance of seals, we at American Casting & Manufacturing know they are being put to very good use.

Need a seal to keep your valuables safe and secure? Visit our website and shop for seals by intended use.

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