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Lesser Known Security Seal Applications

February 28, 2013

Ordinary seals can be found in places like the lid of your bottled water, or they can hold together your favorite snack. However, we work with a more particular type of seal and the applications our seals serve are tantamount only to the imagination of their consumers.

Seals serve an important function in the environment today: from preventing hazardous spills to ensuring safe delivery of regulated materials.  Take for example, the European commission of nuclear safe guards. When they ship or secure nuclear fuel, the drums that carry the fuel must have a heavy duty seal. For 40 years, American Casting has been providing these seals.

Additional applications include tamper evident sealing. When receiving shipping containers, whether from a boat or a plane or a truck, the proper seal will warn of any tampering that may have occurred while in transit. It is dire that things are received as they are sent.

A less known environmental application is the sealing of clean trailered boats! We supply seals that protect lakes and rivers from Zebra mussels. These mussels attach themselves to the bottoms of boats, if these boats are being trailered and dropped into a pristine lake they will contaminate the waters. Mussels can also clog up filtering systems, water supplies, and they eat the algae in the lake that would otherwise feed the fish, meaning that the wildlife in these waters could die out from a changing Eco-System .

There are multiple applications that you may not think of for our security seals. In the upcoming blogs, we will take a closer look at these applications and others.

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